June, 2016 – WORKSHOP 2017 SUBMISSIONS CLOSED.  Each spring, the call for proposals ends on March 15.  The “Workshop Selection Committee” is currently viewing all submissions and is compiling next year’s 42-workshop schedule.  We will post the workshops soon at the Thursday to Sunday ‘Workshops’ on this Site.  Start planning for your 2018 Conference submission and compose your proposal by the latest date – March 15, 2017.

Manager’s comment: the 16 groups which run this Conference are very widely connected to organic foods & farming in Canada.  We want to run the best annual event possible.  We’re counting on you if you’re involved in organic farming, marketing, gardening, processing, standards, consumer issues – to get us your best proposal by deadline.  This Conference is a reflection of you and the issues which you feel are important to the organic foods marketing sector.  The 42 workshops which will form the 2017 Conference will reflect what the public wants to know.

The 2017 workshop proposal document is closed. Plan ahead to get your ideas in by March 15, 2017 to be considered for the following year: January, 2018.

All proposals, please send to: organix@auracom.com – or mail it in via Canada Post OR you can even FAX it in to FAX# (705) 444-0380.
The following format is suggested but feel free to expand your comments in any of these sub-headings:

  1. Name of workshop (or give a choice of 2 or 3 names) – keep it simple, creative & interesting
  2. Suggested speaker (or speakers) – (A) is it a single person presenting, or is it (B) a 2-person talk or (C) actually a much larger panel. If it’s a larger panel, who would you prefer to be the other proposed panelists? – we need those names because you must have an idea who they are and we want to see how you would construct such a panel – up to 3, 4, 5, 6 presenters !
  3. Duration of program – 1.0-hour, 1.25-hour, 1.5-hour or longer, i.e. 3.0-hour. Do you see this as a major seminar which could run as a ½-day (3-hour) or full-day program (note that we have very limited space for these large programs, so be very specific, so that we can consider your idea).
  4. Difficulty or challenge/involvement level of the subject you are proposing – e.g……. is it only for novices, or is it introductory, intermediate, advanced, expert, etc.
  5. Description – try to describe your presentation in 25-50 words (100 maximum). Provide the 5W’s – who-what-where-why-when….. and how? Have we ever done this workshop in the past?
  6. Target Audience – (remember that anyone can attend any Guelph workshop even if the person is not directly in farming). Is your target ‘certified organic growers,’ or consumers, market gardeners, crop researchers, media, student interns, 10-acre landholders, 1000-acre transitional growers, permaculture advocates, highrise sprouters, or who? Is the target “general” – appealing to all?
  7. Is your proposal within a “larger theme of workshops“…. if so, think ahead and give 2 or 3 ‘proposed titles’ of some of these other imagined workshops which might fit into that theme.
  8.  Please provide any other comments on why your proposed workshop is necessary, significant, important or that it provides a new focus or will generate new interest at the Conference. Please: your proposal must be short + clear vs. vague or rambling (sorry, but we do get some of those). In the past we have received several 3- and 4-workshop proposals on the same theme, written on less than one page. Excellent.
  9. Final note: as an objective academic policy, our workshops do not want to be outright promotions for products, businesses, specific methodologies or belief systems without offering opposing or other views. If the Guelph Conference Committee likes your idea but feels it is too specific to your personal business enterprise, we may counter-propose a panel containing you + differing, opposing or conflicting views.
  10. Your contact information including: mailing address, postal code, phone/fax, e-mail, website (if applicable).


The Conference gets literally hundreds of workshop ideas every year – some of these are not very well developed.  We will only accept proposals in the above format.  When sending in your workshop idea, propose a catchy title, a solid speaker and a timely topic.  This kind of proposal is more likely to be chosen.  Please respond as soon as possible.
Mail to Box 116, Collingwood, ON, L9Y 3Z4 – or E-Mail a good, readable document via PDF.  Do not be disappointed.  Such is life.  If you want to discuss your idea because it needs a little refinement, call the Manager.  We’ll help you get the idea into shape.
Tomás/Conference Manager •• (705) 444-0923 •• organix@auracom.com •• or FAX TO: (705) 444-0380