Electroculture & Magnetoculture, New Ways for Agriculture

Did you know that natural magnetic and electric forces can help

  • restore and heal trees to help them grow better.
  • heal bee hives with magnets.
  • increase the vitality of the water used for irrigation or pest treatments.
  • increase and regulate vitality in the crops to give better yield and quality.
  • innovative ways to understand and regulate weeds.
  • without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

These techniques make it possible to increase the harvest by more then 30% and increase vitamins and dry weight by 20% of almost all crops in comparison to conventional non organic farming.   All of this is done without manure or pesticides.  Earth Magnetic, Paramagnetic, Telluric and Cosmic forces are used to boost the energetics of plant growth, pest control, vegetables and food quality, boost shelf life, increase water quality and much more.  You will be able to see the influence of these energies on your own health, water quality, plant growth, weather modification and climate regulation.  Simple experiments would be shown you can test at your farm.  The presentation that is offered on this subject includes demonstrations, applications, photos and a video.

This one of a kind workshop is presented by Yannick Van Doorne and the Toronto Dowsing Society.

Electroculture & Magnetoculture, New Ways for Agriculture is on Sunday afternoon from 1-3pm

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