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Organic News from Around the World

Painting a picture of food security

Conference serves as a starting point to discussions on 'building a stronger, more vibrant Niagara' Food security conference AMANDA MOORE/STAFF PHOTO Renee Delaney of the Niagara Farm Project shares her groups insights on food security. Also pictured are Trina Thornhill, Niagara Connects executive director Mary Wiley (in back), and Janelle…

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A bumblebee’s work is never done. Next: saving the environment

Harnessing the hardworking bumblebee could boost crop yields, cut down on pesticides, and maybe even save honeybees, too Cathy Gulli   Bumblebees are among nature’s hardest workers, and their job description is about to expand. A Canadian agri-tech company plans to use the insects to spread organic pesticide on food…

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The B.C. Scallop Farmer's Acid Test

The Tyee  |  By Christopher Pollon Rob Saunders points a flashlight into the depths of an immense plastic tank at his hatchery, illuminating millions of scallop larvae as tiny as dust particles. "Think of these as canaries in a coal mine," says the marine biologist turned embattled shellfish farming CEO.…

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